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Lidia O.Bachina-von Meissner

Eden on EarthArch concept:- Glassy, ventilated wall pedestrian galleries and meditation area in the middle of Cathedral’s floor (the cross' intersection, right where the spire used to be) are shaped as a double cross (one within another), fitting into the Cathedral's perimeter (destroyed area);Upward Sloping Roof: Inspired by a dove's (Holy Spirit Symbol) ascension into the heavens. The Cathedral, is a place of experiencing Creation and spiritual uplifting, as if one’s soul were ascending upward to the heavens.- Glass Arches: composing the structure, resemble Gothic arches;- Spire: moved to the opposite end of the towers. Made of crystalized glass, along with waterfall walls, generating rainbows all day;- Holy Water: dispersed from the spire 3 times a day, after each mass, creating more rainbows. At each rainbow are prayer areas;- "Inner Cross" (prayer areas), in the middle of the Cathedral’s floor: benches design resembles catholic church benches.;- Prayer areas: surrounded by the glass fountain-walls: water streams fall down from the wall's top. Water's taken from Sena river, goes through cleansing system to the fountain-walls and nourishes galleries' plants (90% and 10%, respectively);- Galleries: 3 levels of trails, each one 5-meter wide, with 4 m available to pedestrians and 0.5 m to the decorative plants on trails' sides. Accessible for wheelchair guests;- Walls of Galleries & Ceilings: are made of glass. Ventilated wall structure – all walls can be opened for ventilation (or, evacuation) at any point.- Galleries' Ceilings: covered with solar panels.- Moveable Ceiling Glass Solar Panels: transformer ceiling above the prayer area consists of movable glass solar panels, which can be hidden within the galleries' ceiling, leaving open air above prayer quarters. Panels can be moved to completely cover the prayer quarters adjusting to weather and seasons.- “Eden”: A place of plants, water, and natural light focusing on God’s Creation and finding it within ourselves.- Pedestrian Galleries: 3rd Level – A landscaped view of Paris. Green technologies:- air in the new construction is always fresh due to the plants' omnipotent presence and ventilation;- water cleansing system;- roof solar panels;- energy's derived from the falling water on the prayer area walls;- completely glassy structure makes most of natural lighting, consuming electricity the least;- ventilated walls minimize ACs' usage;- transformer ceiling allows for natural ventilation and lighting;- water cleansing system allows for usage in drinking fountains;- sloping roof structures in x- and y-directions, sloping trails allow for faster and easier cleaning. Less effort, water, time required. The water from the fountain walls is used.Experience:- Earth to Eden (Heaven on Earth): Transported from Ile de la Cité’s garden and entering into the classical section of the Cathedral (Earth).- Spiritual Renewal: Transitioning from the “earthly” level onto the highest one (Eden), a person will experience spiritual renewal as they give up their worries to the One by Whom everything's been created and their souls ascend upward toward Heaven.

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