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Ivan Ventura, Yuri Vital, Felipe Maia, Jo√£o Pedro Sommacal de Mello

More than a restoration per-se, the project is a tribute to the memory of the Notre Dame Cathedral.The dialogue between the city of Paris and the Cathedral is renewed through an architectural gesture, a new roof that reflects the Parisian sky and surroundings, an absent volume as a René Magritte's painting. An external deck allows the visitors to go outside and be part of a surreal image: Seen from the street, they will be walking around an invisable roof, walking in the sky.Despite being a reconstruction of the destroyed part of the building, the construction techniques and materials will use modern technology.The four wings will be recreated in its original format, but this time using polished stainless steel, which will act as large reflective panels. With this, the sky and surroundings of the building will be reflected, discretely continuing the perspective of the city skyline.Inspired by the modern concept of restoration, originally conceived and developed by ViolletLe-Duc, who in his theories always tried to establish the interventions in monuments in very provoking and non unanimous ways, the absense of the original main tower in our project has a metaphorical symbology. The idea of reminding a loss, opening space and turning it into an outdoor pateo, where visitors can gather and contemplate the city. The bronze statues of the twelve apostles that were originally in the cathedral will be displayed in this new gallery, and its floor, made of transparent and resistant material, will allow the passage of light and contemplation of the statues by those inside the cathedral, as if they were taking flight to the skies and approaching the divine.Economic, political and social events taking place all over Europe were influenced by the Age of Enlightenment, Industrial Revolution and French Revolution, being important for this break with the past. These movements led toestablishingt a strong national identity and the rise of a sense of protection for historic buildings and environments. This project draws on a number of theories and techniques founded in France, establishing a French culture in our present day as a way to represent the symbolism and knowledge that a cathedral can spread over the next 500 years.

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