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Kyle Santilli, Rohit Agrawal, Michael Short, Chun Yen Ku, Michael Marchand

The Notre Dame Cathedral has stood for hundreds of years as a monument to the Catholic Church and France as a whole. When it was damaged in 2019 we watched one of the worlds’ architectural icons become forever changed. In response to this change, we asked ourselves what type of intervention was most appropriate. Our approach mirrors that of Jean-Baptiste Lassus and Eugene Viollet-le-Duc, we seek to salute Notre Dames’ history without being burdened by it. Much like them, we focus on introducing new, ornate designs that did not attempt to overshadow the existing structure. We are simply adding another layer to the chapels’ story.Our exterior approach applies new rose windows use computer geometry to generate ornate layered windows that are aligned to the buildings existing structure. The new cone shaped dormers function similarly, accenting the buildings existing geometry and offering only a subtle variation from it. Our new metal panel roof system is a modular rainscreen system similar in color and effect to the previous design but because of its modularity, easily replaceable by future generations. Our interior approach was to create a museum for the statues previously housed in the roof. The structure is a modern take on the ornate designs of previous generations, while the multi-layered windows and spire glass canopy provided diffused interior light as a spectacle of its own. The interior glass floors mark the contemporary advances in technology while still capturing the ornate aesthetic that the chapel is known for.

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