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Javad Ganji Team members: 1-Mohamad Amani 2-Hossein Oveisi 3-Mohammadsaleh Sorkhei 4-Ali Nazari 5-Javad Ganji

The tragic disaster of Notre-Dame Cathedral of Paris has stunned millions of people around the world and its impression was such that everyone has taken a hard line on different ideas of refurbishment.But which design can truly replace this 850-year cathedral? Can new ideas, forms, and elements convey a sense of nostalgia? Are we truly required to design a new construction different from the primitive design of the cathedral?Let us imagine people talking about the advantage of the new design and form. Then Victor Hugo’s description of the beloved Notre-Dame Cathedral would be impaired as if our memories tied up in this Gothic inheritance would disappear. Next generations, when speaking about Notre-Dame, one would come up with nothing and the tragic scenario of Notre Dame would become the great assassination and peoples would forget it forever.As the cathedral, with which people have had a close relationship, has been existing amongst peoples for more than 8 centuries, its transformation might likely kill popular feelings which people belong to. The sense of belonging cannot be replaced or changed. Rather, it belongs to the place where our memories have tied up in it by passing the time. So, we are never able to go against popular feelings or make them idolize a new form and design since we consider it disrespect for them. Consequently, we decided to design nothing new for Notre-Dame Cathedral but the design of the exact cathedral with those precise details, arches, stained glasses, etc. in order for that sense of nostalgia and belonging blossom into people one more time.

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