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Ladislao Ferrando-Flavia Ruiz

CULTURAL TERRACEWHAT?A place dedicated to culture on the cathedral's terrace.WHY?Because:° it extends the activities that can be carried out in the cathedral, enhancing the symbolic and cultural character of it.° it endows a socialization space for citizens and tourists, where artistic expressions develop, such as art exhibitions, concert bands, theatrical performances and conventions.° it has a space for a permanent exhibition that helps understanding the cathedral's history.HOW?It consists of a terrace supported by the side walls and a roof made with a wooden frame supported by the existing columns and buttresses.The wooden frame is inspired by the structural sequence of arch buttresses and buttresses and some of its pieces are diagonal.It is closed with glazed, opaque and translucent panels.The terrace will have three different spaces. The first one is the museum with the permanent collection of the cathedral, the second one is the gallery for exhibitions or conventions and the third one is made up of terraces, of which the lateral ones have combs for urban beekeeping and the third, the stage and a large space for outdoor activities. The sequence of these spaces is marked by the treatment of light. The first one is opaque; the last two are transparent and are sifted by the panels shadow.FINAL THOUGHTS:We believe that access to culture must be democratic and designing a socialization place strengthens human bonds. This design in particular respects the original cathedral, because it is based on some of the characteristics of Gothic architecture (structure, light and shadow) that are reformulated to give the new part of the building a contemporary character. At the same time, the contrast between the old building and the new part highlights the historical quality.

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