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Sara Khair

The Notre-Dame scarOn the evening of 15 April 2019, the Notre-Dame cathedral caught fire and all the world observed with tears the distortion of its roof-top. It’s a tragic and historic event that will remain in the history of France.Following This unforgettable event, my proposal is a simple act of dialogue, that seeks to interevent between the space of the past and the contemporary architecture. in spite of the fact that, as architects we seek to build physical masses in order to rebuild the history. I suggest to maintain the memory all of us shared and convert it to an object that narrate the cathedral story.By taking the basic structural shape of the cathedral to the top and refilling it with a solid reflective object. this mirror box, will look sky blue as if the cathedral never had a roof, at the same time reflecting the city of Paris and its people. herewith we preserve the vanished roof-top of the cathedral and convey the fire event and turn it into an experience inhabiting the past and the present at the same time.The mirror box has a broken path from the inside floating above the aisle, transmitting the light of a brighter future while visiting the church. Alongside the path the memory of the event escort us as visitors from within. The path on the roof top reveals glances of cathedral’s interior space, and finally lead to an open terrace showing a different aspect of the lasting Paris.

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