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United Kingdom

Mert Eyiler, Aysima Akın, Audrey Aydın

Gargoyle’s meets brutalism;

It is very difficult to try to revive the life/culture that has been spreading for nearly 2 centuries (1163/1345), as if nothing had happened since April 15, 2019. Our proposal structure ‘’X’’ is a thing between mourning and  searching for hope.

With the new proposal of notre dame, it is aimed to remember that it can reach to the sky and to remind it to the city again. Our aim is to develop an expression that is not called simple repair and renovation of the roof structure. ''

We thought that concrete is a timeless constituent (We think it represents both the industry and tradition) of the period we were going through, and we wanted to re-sew it as a dress with  today’s cad / glass technology, as in the current Sagrada Familia.

As the flying buttresses rise, it loses its structural expression and becomes 3D decoration, the new rising sculpture. This pattern, as the gargoyle of this time, will carry water from the roof to the ground or carry life from the ground to the sky.

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