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Negin Novin

Notre Dame is not just a building, but a nation's history is in heart, and as a living, experience suffered and wounded, and to witness wars and revolution. And precisely for these reasons, the restoration and rebuild the structure exactly as it was is, in fact, the killing of this living or unsuccessful organ transplant, while the building is beautiful with the wounds and moments that it has lived, so I oppose the restoration and rebuild the structure exactly as it was, because it certainly will not be as poetic , originality and historicity as Notre Dame cathedral.I used a transparent and clear material to rebuild so that it can be maintained as much as possible in the originality and just repair the roof for being useful ,even burns and damages caused by the fire to be seen by the visitors as much as possible.

For example, smart glasses that measure the amount of light and heating and cooling of building can be good option.But in order to make this magnificent and unique building can be viewed to the posterity or even those who like to see it again in the same glory as , I design a virtual museum and use virtual reality technology, so that there are stands on the site that visitors can use them and special glasses to see the Notre Dame in the same glory and originality in three-dimensional and completely realistic look, and then can enter the Notre Dame and able to see its beautiful wounds, and enjoy  passage of time and the current  and living life in it .Also, with virtual reality technology, visitors can view the roof of the building or parts of it that could not be seen by entering the building or even they liked to see in different viewing angles for example birds eye.

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