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Juan Urdaneta and Kareen Lendewig

Practiticants of the Catholic Religion base their faith on the certainty of the presence of God among men, as well as on the conviction that the prayers they raise to heaven are Heard by the Lord. Considering these values, the following proposal seeks to symbolize that experience of the Catholic Faith.For the reconstruction of the quadripartite vault of the transept on which the new needle will be erected, is proposed to fill it with clear glass blocks and and cover the roof above it with highly refelctive glass panels, leting the reflection of the sky inside the church, meaning in this way the omnipresence of God.The prayers of the Lord will be represented through the new needle erected with a translucent and reflective material that during the day will have a silent appearance, reflecting on its surface the heaven on the earth, and at sunset will glow from its interior, and with the help of lightbeams projected to the sky, will symbolize the elevation of the prayers to God.Seeing Notre Dame in flames, made the world fear and regret the possibility of losing a monument of incalculable historical, architectural and religious value for humanity, and especially for the faithful French Catholics. Therefore, the proposal focuses on developing a specific intervention, aimed to preservate the world heritage, value and honoring the faith of a monument that has witnessed the history, refuge for the faithful, inspiration for literature and emblem of the French nation.

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