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Holy Ghost The Proposal seeks to create an atmosphere, using the ethereal to replace the matter. The light was the key element, bringing inspiration from the art installation “Arcades” created by the design studio Troika, adapting it to raise a gothic structure entirely made of light, using fresnel lenses to bend the light rays into ogival arches.The place where once the pinnacle stood, was left open, replacing it with a lightweight graphene pole, held in place by cables, crowned with the cross, (at the same height of the old one) on top, which is lit to look like it’s floating over the parisian night sky.Gothic cathedrals are known to be beautifully made to play with light and shadow, and to create sensations of the contact with the grace of God. That was the main reason, why the skylight created by the void in the roof, brings controlled sunlight into the interior spaces of the church, representing a new approach to the original proposal.The nature of that Project transcends the idea of an architectural intervention, assuming the face of an art installation, with the lowest level of intervention as possible in the original structure and giving to the parisian people the possibility of disassembling it in a future to come, replacing it for a new one, that brings the carachteristics of It’s time, filling the people with new emotions and sensations and turning Notre Dame Cathedral into a way for the city to express Itself as a living organism.

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