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Kourosh Jahani omid

My opinion is that the design should be toward the answer to the future and the look of the past.The church has a metaphorical aspect in terms of technique at birth and also in terms of its distasteful destruction.In this design, it has been attempted to respond to both symbolic aspects, a commemoration of the Gothic building literature as well as a memorial that remembers the incident.From the last to the first Gothic literature, is includes balance, brightness and allegory, as well as the geometry of the building and the process of its completion in different periods, so I use the flying buttress that load the building to the ground to coordinate geometry added.again from the last to the first, the church become renovation in the 13th century, so that cause dimness interior of the church.the light in gothic architecture is eyewitness appearance the god and the volume colorful light make imagine of brilliant paradise so i use the colorful glass on the roof and guidance the light inside the church.i use the light instead of laceration to healer and narrative this accident from past until future.Thank you

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