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Sanja Cvetkovic, Illustrations made by Aleksandar Mitic and Sanja Cvetkovic

The  devastating fire blazed through the roof of the Notre Dame and the donations  for its salvation came pouring in. Can we somehow, while restoring this  symbol of faith, make it a symbol of hope for the  21st century and the centuries to come?  
   The design proposes redesigning the roof with the use of corten steel.  Corten steel has an aged look, and when implemented it will seem as the roof  stood for centuries with the rest of the church. Instead of a redesigned  spire, this design includes a set of lights which would shine through the  night skies as a reminiscence of the spire that once was.
   This could become a constant reminder of something lost to our own  negligence and of how the relation to our heritage needs to be changed before  the heritage is turned to ashes. And the rest of over a 1 billion dollars of donations? It could help  provide housing for at least some of the estimated  140 000 homeless people of France.
   This could initiate restoration of our faith in fellow human beings, our  institutions, and our governments but also become the symbol of how a  government put people first And the Notre Dame would be restored as well.

   Concept and design: Sanja Cvetkovic
   Illustration: Aleksandar Mitic, Sanja Cvetkovic
   All images have a CC license with permissions to adapt and remix images.  Images were altered and authors of original images in no way endorse the idea  or have any part in its development.

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