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Luke Andritsos

Memento Mori: A (Con)Temporary (Non)Solution for Notre Dame

Respectfully, as the future of the reconstruction of the cathedral is being debated hotly over all channels, we propose this temporary solution to fortify and protect the building with the dignity and respect it deserves. In addition to the firefighters, the true tectonic heroes of this catastrophic event are the buttresses and vaulted ceilings that kept the building up and protected most of the interior from the raging inferno above. Here they are celebrated, frozen in time, and finally revealed after 850+ years to the crowds below, in a revelatory display of culture’s- and life's- resiliency. People can see themselves reflected in the convex roof above, superimposed over the aftermath of the flames, perhaps contemplating that we too, are transient, temporary.The roof is lightweight, skeletal as scaffolding, clad in a monolithic skin of titanium foil. The spire is mere open-webbed tracery- hinting at future possibilities of form. Below the damaged roof, which is left as is, the ghostly outline of the spire is hung, bathing light onto the masses and optimistically hinting at shapes to come in a future rebuild.Ultimately, this temporary architecture buys precious time to analyze, assess and move forward after a proper rethink as to what this iconic cathedral should be in our times by protecting what remains and being honest of its current state.~fin~

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