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Junkai Gong

Hello, this is my design for the Notre Dame Cathedral's new spire. The spire has two major parts: The flame( in the middle) and the signs with numbers on them. The flame will support the weight of the signs around and it is a reminder of the tragedy that happened. It also give the entire design a lively feeling which makes it a design with modern ingredients in it. The Sign part, which is also the unique feature of my design, shows the timeline of the history of the Notre Dame cathedral. There are four signs in total. The four signs, starting from the bottom, respectively showed the numbers: 1163, 1345, 2019, 2024. These represents the four important years in the history of the development of the Notre Dame Cathedral: The idea of building and the actual building process of the Cathedral started in the year 1163, and it was finished building in 1345. Then the tragedy happened in 2019, which is also the year that people had the idea of rebuilding it. And as the French president Monsieur Macron announced, the building will be finished in the year 2024. This part of the design is like a tree, growing from the bottom and slowly developing through out the time, each branch or scar represents and records the event happened. Hundreds of years later, people will look at the spire, the numbers on the signs and the flame in the center will remind them what happened in the history. PS: The the finishing time is different, the number " 2024" can be changed into any year when the building is finished. Thank you!

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