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This design proposal responds to the need for restoring the destroyed roof of Notre-Dame Cathedral in a manner which blends tradition with modernity.

The concept is meant to enhance both the function and the purpose of the building, principally, by introducing public spaces for secular activities into its fabric.  The objective is to nurture the relationships between the spiritual and temporal communities.

The design of the new roof is specially formed. It's profile features a series of steps joining the ridge and the eaves. Glass panels within this structure are placed at angles to enable the deflection and diffusion of daylight into the nave and mitigate solar heat gain. Some panels on the south face have potential for solar use. The entire roof assembly is supported by fire proof beams, secured at the ridge and at each buttress location. Perlins give lateral stability to each beam. Artificial light, as needed, is supplied by custom blown glass pendants suspended from the nave"s roof.

Each of the two proposed spaces  for secular public use are integrated into the overall roof design. One such element is located at the intersection of the nave and transept (formerly the site of the spire). Its purpose - "The Gallery" is to provide a venue for music and the arts etc. It has two levels. Part of each floor is void to afford views down into the nave.

The other complementary companion element is also bi-level. It is sited between the two existing towers and the proposed "gallery". It will serve as a solarium, and support a cafeteria an archival facility and an observation platform. Elevators provide access to both public areas Other special features are textile related, their theme reflecting the occasion of "the fire". The embroidered altar cloth and banners will be representative symbols in this regard.


The prime objectives of this submission are to offer an attractive and welcoming environment for all citizens, and to emphasize the cultural significance of Notre-Dame Cathedral, both nationally and internationally.

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