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   NO to the massive use of glass!!! NO to a structure completely out of  context!!!
   The new roof designed for Notre Dame Cathedral was born taking into account  its structural typology:  
   - the trusses with closed frames of the new roof remain in view, recalling  the ribs of the cross vaults;  
   - the non-structural part is made up of a technological "skin"  through which energy is produced and multiple chameleonic scenarios  consisting of accurate transparencies and scenic lighting effects, indoor and  outdoor, are obtained.
   In the intersection between the central nave and the transept a dynamism is  generated underlined by the rotation of the structure that supports the  flèche: four completely glazed rhombuses form contemporary rose windows from  which it is possible to admire the city of Paris, even climbing on the  internal "terrace" that offers breathtaking views.
   The new flèche is a kaleidoscope that is lightly projected towards the  sky, bringing back the cross and the rooster above.
   Functionally the cover serves as a shelter for the recovered remains and  existing scars;  
   at the base of the flèche, a multimedia space hosts "the garden of  memory" which allows the visitor to immerse himself in a sensorial  experience, reliving the tragedy of 15 April 2019.
   "The history of humanity has always   been written through tragedies, losses, revolutions ...  The mere reproduction of what no longer  exists is useless, contemporaneity must itself be a memory of what  happened."

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