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José Francisco Ramírez Romero

A MONUMENT, A CHURCH, A CULTURAL AND ART CENTRE, A LANDMARK: THE PHOENIX…THE NEW FOREST…THE NEW SPIRE AS A 3D ROSE WINDOW UP TO THE SKY.SYMBOLISM/CONCEPT: Notre - Dame, as the Phoenix, reborns from the ashes, and raises flying through the sky: the shape of the new rooftop evokes the Phoenix. Also, the roof structure generates the "new forest", which is a reinterpretation of the forest consumed by the fire. The new spire is now a rose window led to 3 dimensions, rising to the sky, filtering sunlight into the building’s nave during the day, and emitting light into the sky at night, such as the flames did the night of the fire. April 15th 2019 (04-15-19) will be displayed on screens visible from the streets and the air, as an indicative of this turning point in the recent history of the Cathedral. With all this, Notre - Dame reinforces itself as an urban and historical landmark. USE OF SPACES: This design proposes a cultural and arts centre on the roof, with areas for exhibitions, workshops and related activities. Old roof and old spire pieces would take place as parts of a permanent exhibition, as testimonies of this latest challenge that has been overcome by Notre - Dame. The design combines semi-open spaces (covered, but with no walls or lateral glass) from where the city can be appreciated (and also where different artistic objects and pieces can be shown), with closed spaces for indoor activities. In this way, roofs can be experienced by people, besides the Cathedral’s vocation as guardian of art and culture is emphasized. MATERIALS/TECHNOLOGY: New roof: steel, bamboo, glass. New spire: Steel, colored crystal. The shape (geometry) of the rooftop covers allows rainwater catching systems, as well as photovoltaic panels placement.

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