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Rambod Eghtedari

Cathedral Notre-Dame Cathedral Notre-Dame de Paris is the most beautiful work in Gothic architecture Style and is considered as a prominent national and cultural representation of France. Due to the popularity and validity of this building, any innovative model or design cannot compete to its old design due to its value, so the best solution for its revival is to repair the demolished part and to preserve it. Basic idea of this design is a golden color cross inside the church, but it is remained stable even after fire and this induce the reliance and encouragement to the viewer. Due to the necessity of preserving he appearance of church, this design emphases on the repair of the demolished part, so due to the importance of this issue, it was decided a cover of steel or golden color metal was considered for covering the demolished part.Alley of steel or golden color metal with high strength against temperature and atmospheric conditions, in addition to ease to cleaning and sterilizing through vapor and non-need to surface coverage, changed this alley to an ideal matter for most applications which are required high strength and high anti–corrosion, also caused this building as a prominent one in urban space and even in world as well as to attract more tourists to this structure.

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