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Rounak Biswas

On 15th April, 2019, Notre Dame Cathedral experienced a devastating fire destroying the Spire, the Oak Frame and the Lead Roof. The Spire was a symbolic structure that provided an identity to the Cathedral, therefore the redesign proposes reconstruction of the Spire exactly as it was, thus continuing to maintain it as the main symbolic structure of the Cathedral. Surrounding the Spire would be three orange Fire-resistant Glass spires lower in height than the main spire. The 2019 fire has become a part of the chronology of the events related to the Cathedral, thus the three glass spires resemble the flames of fire and establishes the fact that the Spire still stands strong and tall overshadowing the devastating fire. The rest of the roof would consist of Fire-resistant Aluminium Sheds and Glass slowly increasing in height towards the Spire. The entire roof is designed to create emphasis on the main Spire. The design has its own characteristic elements but the sole intention of the design is not to become more expressive than the Cathedral itself but to respect the architectural history of the Cathedral and re-establish its glory in line with the original architectural mindset through adopting a modern design approach.

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