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Bosnia and Herzegovina

Merjema Zubaca

Through the design of the „New Spire of Notre Dame“ I wanted to preserve an original design that has unfortunately been destroyed in fire hence paying the respect to the architecht who has designed it and also preserving the originality of the important monument of architecture that Notre Dame is. On the other hand I wanted to create something that is going to be monumental and a reminder of the unfortunate event tat has hapened.Taking the image of burning spire as an inspiration and main concept for my design I have decided to reconstruct the outer srtucture like pillars and bigger details visible to the eye while looking from a distance using steel. All of the other parts of a structure and smaller details I have decided to make from a coloured plastic glass in tones of yellow and orange and also mirrors for dynamic reflection so when the sun light his the spire it will look like it is on flame. At the night time this effect can be achived by using artificaial ligting. For the rest of the roof I have decided to keep it mostly as it was before so the inside of the Chatedral would not be affected in terms of object perservation and also the „Gothic Chatedral Feel“ perservation. Only on the parts near the spire I have replaced old roof with a coloured glass placed in an irregular manner to achieve the same effect of flame like look.

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