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Rogerio Carvalheiro

Understanding that the planning and reconstruction of Notre Dame will take longer than 5 years, my inflated fiberglass roof proposal provides a temporary solution that protects the building while final project decisions are being made. Viollet-le-Duc’s controversial spire, added during the buildings middle 1800’s restoration, will be visible only during the night via holographic projection providing a “compromise” resolution for those on either side of the argument. The existing honey bee colonies that miraculously survived the recent fire will be expanded and incorporated into the base of the inflated roof providing a safe haven for our endangered bee population. Alternatively, this proposal could be permanent given examples of this type of roof structures have been successfully built and sustained around the world for several decades. The illuminated roof would also serve as a lantern at night creating a visual counterpoint to the Eiffel Tower during the night hours and a beacon of France’s history for the world to marvel at once again.

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