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Amandeep Singh

On April 15, 2019, Notre-Dame cathedral nearly saw its end in the historic fire that damages the Notre Dame cathedral roof that changed the actual image of the cathedral. Cathedral roof and spire were like a crown that complete the whole structure aesthetically as well as structurally. So, to fill that empty space or crown of cathedral, we need to design the roof and spire that can cover the roof as it was before but with some new techniques and design that can be related with the historical importance of the cathedral. Keeping in mind the actual image of cathedral, basic aim for restoration of Notre Dame Cathedral roof is to experience the actual historical and cultural importance of the cathedral. Restoring the roof and converting that into museum will help in maintaining the structure and also unfolds the historical importance of Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris. The concept approach behind the design is divided into two parts i.e. interior and exterior. Exterior part is designed in such a way that it should be merged with actual structure and design of cathedral. Main spire is designed in steel structure with exact replica of original spire and other four spires which gets smaller as it moves outwards so as to create the balance in design. Main structural members for roof is designed with stone and the supporting members are in steel that holds the glass. Stone Carved round windows are designed between the glass and steel roof that merges with existing windows of cathedral.Interior space of roof is designed for museum and spiritual importance of the space. Central part under the main spire is highlighted with Gold Sculpture of Fire which is placed in reflected water body. Other part of the roof is converted to museum with central sitting area and green areas that creates healthy and calm environment within the roof museum. Round corner of the roof is converted into open terrace with piers and glass railing. This space is to experience the height of the cathedral and also gives the city view. This also defines the relation between interior and exterior spaces of the roof and to experience the city image form height which might helps the visitor to connect the space spiritually. In conclusion, we designed the project that includes historical, ethical, economical as well as aesthetic value of the structure. This is designed in such a way that merges the original character of the cathedral.

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