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Design Description

The question, how design can play a useful and vital role in the health and well-being of a world in difficulty, led me to think of a hospital. This is because the Covid 19 with its great infectiousness has made almost everywhere lacking the available spaces for the treatment of the disease. The hospital I designed tries to respond to the need for an imaginary audience of about 100.000 people, should have 1500 beds, develop for a built area of 12500 square meters, with a mixed structure immersed in greenery. Two levels, inside the emergency room, inpatient spaces, intensive care units, operating rooms, clinics, reception, bars, recreational spaces, on the roof photovoltaic panels to ensure electricity supply to the plants, thus obtaining an energy consumption equal to zero. What was thought to be a set of seven building bodies that, through the connection of five walkways, constitutes a single building.

The type of building tries to recreate with squares, courtyards, paths in the green and bodies of water, a relationship, as human as possible between patient, hospital, isolation and nature. The pedestrian path of penetration to the building connects the east entrance with the parking area to the west, reaches the central atrium , from which branches to ninety degrees the linear garden, exchanger between exterior and interior, between square and clinic. Parallel to this, two corridors branch the walled blocks of the disabilities. The  composition of the complex ends a small church, located at the side of the main building.

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Pierangelo CensiPierangelo Censi

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