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Design Description

Background: As Coronavirus put the world to face new challenges, we started to change our perception for the future, based on the current situation, while trying to adapt to our new realities.

One of the things that we have to create a logical vision for, is the idea of public spaces, and social distancing.

our idea of a vibrant public space, was the most crowded, appealing to stay and establish social interactions, but one thing we’ve learned from the lockdown we are living in, that communicating is possible under strict social distancing measures, as we can see balconies for example, suddenly become the most vibrant space in cities around the world, connecting people with outdoors, and allow them to be the social creature they are .

the concept of personal space keeps on evolving, we need to rethink public spaces to become safer, and flexible regards physical engagement.

Design idea: revive humans during this crisis

Design objective is to create a safe lively space, promotes all variant of activities, physical and social. And allow both indirect and direct interactions, according to the required situation.

So, in this project, the concept was to extend the space of the apartment’s balcony to become a wide track -like, passes vertically through different stations of activities and greeneries, creating a loop back to the apartment again. Every loop will be isolated with clear Corian removable panels to keep every single family’s distance if it’s required.  

These track-like ramps generate parallel journeys, might get side to side at some points, and at one point, all of them will get side to side at the same level to create a plaza. It’s sort of creating a vertical neighborhood park, allowing people to practice their normal activities to some extent, while being safe and keeping their social distance.


Ibtehal Ibrahim Elbaba

Ibtehal Ibrahim ElbabaIbtehal Ibrahim Elbaba

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