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Tameem Saloojee

New Zealand

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Design Description

During Covid-19 our dependence on social media, online streaming, gaming and other digital platforms has intensified. We have witnessed increased use of social media and dating applications demonstrating a willingness for people to create meaningful connections. Yet, existing solutions have a tendency to remove the nuances of interaction in the physical world. In a post-Covid society how will we find a means of genuine connection when social distancing is common practice? How will we have relationships when people are more lonely and alienated than ever before? Is swiping right a meaningful connection?
Link is an app steeped in humility and based on the innate ways we communicate as humans. It offers the user the opportunity extend beyond the digital world and show appreciation through action in a shared experience. During Covid 19 we as a community are presented with common shared and unique experiences of living your day to day lives during quarantine, although we are isolation we yearn for connection beyond just a swiping right.
LINK provides people who match with each other unique ways to empathise with each other by inviting your match into your personalised constructed bubble
- prompts which enable each party to understand love languages
- acts of service without leaving your bubble
- receive gifts
- give time with small tokens of appreciation


Tameem Saloojee

Tameem SaloojeeTameem Saloojee

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