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The coronavirus epidemic has affected our health in more ways than one. Many people, especially those in large cities, have lost access to their usual means of exercise, especially those that rely on gyms, competitive sports, or exercise classes to get that. Many now go to overcrowded beaches and parks or don’t exercise at all. Exercise is essential not just for maintaining healthy weights but can help fight depression and help people focus. It also can boost the immune system. Many people have resorted to services like peloton for their primary needs, but exercise equipment remains out of reach for many. This is mainly due to spatial concerns and high prices. Many lack the space and money to invest in a home gym and are unable to get their needed exercise.

To fix this, I wanted to design a stationary bike that solves those problems without hurting its functionality. To solve the price problem, I chose to focus on the most expensive parts of the bike and figure out to fix them. The central computer console is costly to produce, requires more complex production lines, and is either a very advanced and expensive piece of hardware, significantly raising the price or is obsolete and old fashioned. Instead of creating a custom computer control section, I thought that it would be simply more cost-effective to add a phone holder alternatively and use an app instead. This reduces the cost significantly and makes it easier to produce. To mitigate its spatial footprint, I decided to remove most of the extra pieces and simplify it down to just a seat, a base with the pedals and the handlebars/phone holders.

Then I decided to make the seat and handlebars retract into the station. To reduce the need for supports, I decided on making a weighted base. The new smaller supports are telescoping and would retract into the base. Once all the parts are contracted, the machine will fit into a small, 2x1x1 box for secure storage. All of these changes will create an affordable, compact, and easy to produce and ship product.

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George NicksGeorge Nicks

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