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Design Description

When everything began, it seemed to us to be a bad dream: just another nuisance, something which would soon be gone.
It did not go that way.
Having been homebound for two months has made us realise this is something we will have to live with for quite some time.

Nothing will be exactly as it was.

We hail from  Northern Italy, the hardest- hit territory during this pandemic.
We have been asked to curtail our liberties for the benefit of the common good, and to renounce whatever was not strictly necessary.                     Now that we have somewhat returned to normality we are learning to have in our lives, situations and objects we have never thought would be part of our day to day life. Face masks, gloves, and sanitation protocols are very new for most of us.
As far as home life goes, we have learned it is easy to feel safer by adding simple procedures. The most effective way to achieve this is sanitation using ozone.
We have thus envisioned an app-controlled device, featuring a user-friendly interface and a manual emergency switch.
The device is made up of two cubes: the outer matte shell enclosing the smaller red one. The latter lights up when in use.
Its name is O3q.
Its sober design makes it a pleasant addition to a variety of home decor styles, combining usefulness and good looks.
A small tool that can make a big difference for our health and that of our homes.                                        

"It is better to light a small candle than to curse darkness" - Confucius

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michele garibotti
debora invernizzimichele garibotti
debora invernizzi

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