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Muqtader Beland


SUNY Fashion Institute of Technology

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The Forests are scant and Buildings sit empty. Global Garden is human-made, allowing plant-life to occupy unused interiors and once public spaces. Global Garden preserves and grow plants on a mass scale, embedded in the urban world. Where it is more brick and mortar, we will integrate more green.

Global Garden is set up through a versatile choice of locations in the world. Abandoned sites and vacant public spaces that are no longer used due to social distancing support two systems for new growth. In this expansion of green life, a modular scaffolding and a modular shelf system are used, which are composed from reused wood and metal materials. Computer technology is used to monitor and control the amounts of water, light and nutrients that are required for these plants. The sections of the garden are based on scents, where different herbs are sorted to appreciate their scent distinguishably.

People participate by going online to contribute to this Global Garden. They can help add plants and they can also purchase plants as well. People make virtual visits to the Gardens and speak and interact with other people that are also virtually present there. One person is situated per location in this covid-19 world, which provides them with safety, and he/she helps with customers purchases and with providing care for the Garden.

In the first space, the scaffolding latches on to exterior structures, creating a plane filled with green above the ground. Shelving is used to organize plants inside the castle walls.
In the second space, the scaffolding spans between existing columns, and enhances the virtual museum tours. There is art that is exhibited digitally, which is conveniently moved and changed according to the exhibition’s planning.
In the third space, smaller herbs and seeds are organized along vacant subway routes—offering the ability to easily transport seeds to spaces around the city. The Global Garden is a new network for healthy food and plant-life and a lush backdrop to our new virtual habitation of public spaces.


Muqtader Beland

Muqtader BelandMuqtader Beland

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