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Nicole (Nikki) Austin



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The Darkness Did not Overcome It

We, designers, are meant to be a light in darkness, to align hope and creativity, bringing out the best in and for people.

As circumstances change, our purpose does not. Whether it’s the increase in CoVid19 cases worldwide, the need to social distance, or lack of domestic and international travel, we as a people will still rise to the occasion to surprise and delight. Hence, the experiential pop up, Pass it On!

Located in Brooklyn Bridge Park and made for the international traveler stuck in one place, the environmental enthusiast wanting to do their part or the home decorator who believes Joanna Gaines is his/her spirit animal but is looking for creativity to be sparked during the pandemic. If this describes you or any part of you, this is your place to be.

So step right up, (literally) step on one of the beautifully designed floral stepping stones located in the grass… each one 6ft away from the next. No worrying about social distancing here. Take a moment to enjoy this educational escape from reality as you step into the outdoor space.  

Continue your journey to explore the smells of iconic travel destinations and learn more about climate change. Want a hug? Not a problem here. Enter the Great Barrier Reef and let the scent of wood sage and sea salt wrap you up so tightly that if you close your eyes for a second,  you’ll get a glimpse of the hot sun, the beauty of the coral and recognize why we need to preserve and protect it.

After you explore the other travel destinations of the French Alps, The Amazon Rainforest, and the Taj Mahal, you then dive deeper into what Pass it On plantable candles are, how they help you do your part and the positive effect they have on you, the environment, your home decor and the world.

Pass it on Candles pop up provides an escape; a moment for you to remember what was, and to be excited for what's to come.  The space is meant to be a light (literally and figuratively), providing you a sense of hope. Whether that's taking care of the world or each other, let us embrace, escape, and learn together.

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Nicole (Nikki) AustinNicole (Nikki) Austin

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