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Covid-19 has affected people’s lives all around the world. Many have struggled with the rise of the coronavirus pandemic whether it be directly or indirectly, this involves all of us. It's obvious that things are changing, or at least in need of change, as we begin to consider bracing society for the virus’ possible long-term impacts.
An era of importance on wellness has sprung. With social distancing guidelines encouraging individuals to isolate in hopes of preventing further spread, many people are stuck at home with the favorable option of trying to stay healthy and active during these troubling times. There's been an inspiring rise in appreciation for activities such as walks, jogs, runs, biking, etc.. outdoors. To be able to reach the public safely has been a growing concern among societies. Why not use the recent growth in outdoor activities to our advantage? Therefore, introducing the “​Pop-up Pit Stop​”. A system introducing a solution for selling, advertising, campaigning, and interacting with the public in a secure environment. A system that has the ability to “interact” with those not only staying active on foot, but on wheels as well. A system that is safely reaching out to the public.
The Pop-up Pit Stop is placed on the side of a road or sidewalk in Central Park with vast room for distancing and an abundance of individuals looking to stay active. It offers a system that helps workers interact with individuals on bicycles and on foot. There’s a “car wash” mechanism where a bicycle can be remotely stationed on a stand and moved by a track system into a secure area where a worker will demonstrate and service people’s bicycles. Demonstration is made simple with Chroma, a more sustainable and recyclable version of transparent acrylic. The Chroma stands to create safe separation between individuals, however, its transparency offers a way to keep an audience engaged and inspire a more genuine connection, overcoming a negative feeling of distance; seperate but still together. Through pop-up pit stop’s design of transparency, displays are offered to bicycle riders and passerbyers on foot in a way where no one's health is compromised, ensuring that wellness is and always should be a priority, and encouraging individuals who have taken action to stay healthy and active during these times to keep going.
In a time where public visitation, travel, shopping and general access is limited, Pop-up Pit Stop stands to represent our resilience and adaptability to no matter the circumstances.

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Bruna Da SilvaBruna Da Silva

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