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Covid19 - the virus that will forever define our definition of normal. With unemployment rates skyrocketing, schools all over the nation moving towards online platforms, and states being on quarantine lock-downs until further notice, we are currently living in a situation that no one alive has ever experienced.  For those of us that are fortunate enough to be with our loved ones during this pandemic, we have all gained a deeper level of appreciation for how we connect, communicate and continue to create everlasting memories with those around us. In addition, the value of modern technology has flourished, as people are using its features, programs and platforms to stay alone together. From technology stems modern music, the one thing that we all can connect with.  

From the first drums that were hit and horns that were blown into, to the hundreds of physical and digital instruments we have today, music has been bringing families and friends together for thousands of years. Now is the perfect time for individuals to expand their musical capabilities, as learning new instruments is proven to decrease stress, improve mental performance and enhance social skills while you learn to not only play by yourself, but how to play with others as well. But, we currently have a problem. Where it may be easy for some of us to play with those we are living with, playing with our friends is virtually impossible over our devices, as the lag time we experience inhibits us from staying on rhythm.

That is why I have developed the idea for an application where lag time disappears- a program where we can all enter a music-filled world and create music together. Not only can we escape reality and learn from each other, but now we can also play with our favorite artists and our friends while establishing a deeper connection with those we admire in a way we haven’t been able to do so before.Music is our platform. With all those that are helplessly falling down a bottomless emptiness, those with wide eyes see the way back home; through the power of sound.  

A world without music is grey and monotonous, so join me in this application, where we can all add some color back into our lives and take advantage of how music can take us away from the chaoticness of the current world.

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Florentina AlajFlorentina Alaj

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