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The notion of “place” is a concept that many contexts should be considered together in a physical, cultural and psychological sense. It expresses the meaning of society with a common perspective. So it dissociates with the notion of “space”.
Man exists by giving meaning to situations. It is the meaning placed on nature and reality by man. Other than that, there is no place for a person to live. Man literally knits a cocoon around him and creates his own world. Everything else remains a dry reality. We cannot just live in this phenomenon of reality. We have to give it a meaning.
Each person gives different meanings on place and space. So far, we have seen cities as our own built places and pushed nature out. As a result, now urban spaces in where we live (where we have to live) affect the society and individual psychologically in a bad way. Therefore, we are designing a social-natural life campus by making nature a part of the space again. Our design approach is “human space in nature”, where we create “hubs” to live in groups of 2 or 3.
It is understood from our current situation that we did not produce qualified urban spaces. Before the Covid-19 pandemic process, we were living isolated lives where people did not come together or interact socially in large urban spaces. In fact, this design is not just for the human habitat in nature. It can be added to the spaces in line with the needs of the city. There can be a part of the urban texture.
The designed spaces are flexible, allowing people to create private and semi-public spaces. The established grid system can reproduce and develop in accordance with every need. The unit we designed consists of 3 layers.
1- Main body (Structure): The main body consists of wood. This is important to maintain the structure and sustainability in nature.
2- Sliding panel forming the floor, wall and ceiling: The sliding panel is designed to allow every person to create their own private space. Everyone will be able to get as much sunlight as they want within their own unit. They will be able to see their neighbors as much as they want. They can open the window whenever they want and turn it into a door whenever they want. Thus, it will be possible to stay in constant visual and auditory communication while also preventing tactile contact. If a new space is needed, they will be able to add a new unit. They will be able to organize the space as much as they want. This system offers dynamism and flexibility in space.
3- Sterilization unit where the panel is stored: The sterilization unit is designed to store the wall / ceiling / floor panels. All microorganisms on panels surface will disappear, after being placed inside the sterilization unit.

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Sadullah Engin
Ayşenur EnginSadullah Engin
Ayşenur Engin

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