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Lanling Shen


Fashion Institute of Technology

Design Description

(The Multi-story Emotion Park)
Today, we have bad news. The virus is here to attack our city and our lives. Maintaining social distance has become commonplace, as has wearing masks that cover our facial expressions. The rule says 6F is the minimum distance we must keep between each other. Ordinary walking has become a luxury, especially in dense cities. I propose new multi-story parks which offer a series of activity areas and new ways to share our feelings with one another. 3 distinct layers are available for both of physical and virtual activities. Ground level is for reality activities and emotion mapping areas. Each small flower bed is the size of the required social distance, as is the distance between each digital facial expression projection. Mid-level is the boundary layer between the virtual area and the reality area. The roof is open-air freedom and looking from above, this area of reflection to whole distinct layers of the park. On each level the design of planters helps maintain the 6’ social distancing.
   This is a multi-story park near our apartment. I see my neighbor in front of me. I stop at the smiley face and wait for him to walk past.
   When I walked to the expression he had left behind, I saw a happy smile and a little message -- it was a beautiful day today, I was happy to take a walk with my dog, and I hope the epidemic will be brought under control as soon as possible.
   I picked up the phone, scanned the QR code, selected a sleepy expression, and added a message, "I'm sleepy."
   After working late, I feel sleepy, but I can relax by taking a walk.
   I walked slowly to the top floor, looking at the bright sunshine and blue sky, breathing the fresh air. It's as if there's no outbreak. Do a simple exercise, say hello to a neighbor across the hallway, then pick an empty staircase to go down.
   Oh, yes! Before going home, I check what expressions the little sister who lives downstairs left and see if they have any fresh messages in the expression emotion area. To see a smile is a simple act but it has big impact on my day.


Lanling Shen

Lanling ShenLanling Shen
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