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Svetlana Kizilova


Russian Federation

Design Description

"Covision" - world's first vertical hospital for COVID-19 patients

Traditionally, people associate hospitals with prosaic and utilitarian public buildings in which they are temporarily locked due to unfortunate circumstances. The idea of ​​a modern city hospital with a complex and intricate design that does not cause a feeling of solitude and anxiety, but instead, the peacefulness was reflected in this project. In a vertical hospital, quarantine patients, medical workers, as well as scientists searching for a vaccine can permanently reside. The vaccine that will undoubtedly be found if we create a prolific space for creative search and work. Such a place of origin of ideas will be the vertical hospital “Covision”.

New York is a city that has suffered enormous losses from the epidemic. The skyscraper hospital for patients with COVID-19 is located close to the city’s heart, Manhattan, on Roosevelt Island. Geographically isolated by the East River, Roosevelt Island is connected to every part of the city by land and underground transport routes.

The skyscraper’s exoskeleton is formed by dispersed permeable skin, which allows for efficient natural ventilation of hospital rooms. Capsular corset consists of well-lit resuscitation units. Glazing accumulates sunshine for energy use. Research laboratories are based on the upper floors

Sky gardens and walking areas are located on the southwestern and southeastern sides of the skyscraper. They will provide additional ​​ventilation to the inner structure. The skyscraper has 2 floors of underground parking for medical vehicles and 105 ground floors. The height of the skyscraper is 400 m.

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Svetlana KizilovaSvetlana Kizilova

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