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Safae Achouri
Ouassim Bensouda
Khalil Morad El Ghilali
Abla Safouane
Zineb Tazi


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Design Description

New windows of opportunity for a long-awaited change…

Society has called upon poetry, creativity, and solidarity to respond to the unprecedented harm caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

From innovating digital modes to stay connected despite the distance, to fostering local networks of solidarity, and to conscious actions in support of frontline workers, we have been hit by the virus with a new sense of collective awareness. Awareness not only for each other and ourselves, but also for our surrounding environments: the earth

Though far from ideal, the crisis opens the path to rethink how to live together sustainably. With the fast-paced and overheated economy on hold, we have the opportunity to synch back with the earth and ourselves. Bird songs replaced traffic noises in the cities’ soundscapes, and fresh air substituted carbon pollution in the cities' lungs.

As the end of the pandemic comes near, we should not let go of the new habits and solidarities that we have forged. Because it is these new modes of living together that keep and will keep us healthy in body and mind.

If a virus can spread quickly and change us ... So can an idea

"D(o)well " is a project that links humanity together and connects it to Earth.

The « D(o)well » application, allows people to start or join chains of good deeds that go together (e.g: a person starts a “no-car day” chain). Inviting individuals to act collectively for a sustainable future.

The feed of actions from the application is then reflected onto the " D(o)well " spot,  which is a modular structure  adaptable to its neighborhood to set and remind the state of the planet.
It contributes to the community’s well being while giving a sense of place, as it acts as a memorial and a retreat point; a place where people can meet, collaborate and dwell in their surroundings.

The more virtuous chains are accomplished, the better the "D(o)well " spot responds. It opens, gleams, and moves like a boundless, shimmering, and hypnotic sea. In its bad days, the movement is shy, almost imperceptible. It hovers, inert, extinct, like a heavy cloud, preceding a storm.

The project relies on existing and emerging technologies and a generous dose of imagination. It is based on social observations and findings during the lockdown, combined with a large amount of ambition and hope for a brighter future.

The « D(o)well » project aspires to :
Treasure and strengthen social solidarity.
Foster kindness towards ourselves and our environment.
Trigger a domino effect by taking small everyday actions that can add up to a big difference for the world.
Reflect positive behaviors towards our surroundings.

The « D(o)well » projects elements :
A mobile application
A  place to interact and empathize under an expressive structure: The « D(o)well » spot.

The Chinese word for crisis includes two characters : one for danger and another for opportunity :  So, let’s accept the danger and value the opportunity !


Safae Achouri Ouassim Bensouda Khalil Morad El Ghilali Abla Safouane Zineb Tazi

Safae Achouri
Ouassim Bensouda
Khalil Morad El Ghilali
Abla Safouane
Zineb TaziSafae Achouri
Ouassim Bensouda
Khalil Morad El Ghilali
Abla Safouane
Zineb Tazi

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