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The fear and anxiety that overtakes us even while doing normal activities is common during these times. Whether shopping for food for your family or taking a jog in your neighborhood, nothing is the same. Our society has changed, our worldviews have shifted and the way that we live will be revolutionized to fit the requirements of this new earth.

What we need right now is a device to monitor the health and welfare of ourselves and our loved ones. Vitality is a personalized healthcare assistant that you wear as an earpiece which can show you your vitals signs and track your health. It can be synced up to your phone, tablet or computer and you can monitor multiple patients at once easily. This device is ergonomically designed with the user’s maximum comfort in mind. It has an extremely low bluetooth emission so it is even safe for babies to wear.

By tracking the heart rate, temperature and lungs you can anticipate medical complications before they happen and can keep your doctor in the loop effortlessly. It can be worn while running, sleeping or while performing daily tasks. This device brings a new level of safety and comfort to anyone, helping them to understand and keep track of their vitals signs. With today’s changing times it is especially comforting to know that something is keeping track of your medical analytics to avoid any fear of disease or contamination.

The apprehension of going to a physical doctor’s office is avoided with a visit to a mobile doctor. Booths will be set up around the city that people can locate and go to in order to have a secure and safe call with their healthcare provider that they may be unable to experience at home. The advantage of this mobile doctor booth is that the patient can also renew and receive prescriptions right there on the spot. The booth is self sanitizing and contains protocols that ensure maximum cleanliness. If the patient is wearing Vitality their phone will connect as the door closes and gives complete privacy to the conversation between patient and doctor.

As the world and our priorities evolve we must be willing and ready to tackle the challenges that we are faced with. Devices and medical wearables can change a patient’s user experience and give them back control in an environment where they feel helpless.

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Shifra CohenShifra Cohen

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