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The pandemic of COVID 19 forced the move to remote working. This is challenging shift to working parents with their kids or pets at home. They can be a source of interruptions and distractions with expectations that the parent should be available all the time. Moreover, research has shown that remote workers tend to overwork as the line between their personal life and work is blurred under the same roof. Private and quite conference meetings can be a hassle with a crying baby in the background, a barking dog, or simply a child walking behind the camera. Another challenging factor for working parents is that they don’t have the appropriate office setup for a home office. They may need to convert the family dining table to their everyday working desk that is filled with papers, bills, laptop and other supplies that just don’t fit in the space.


ALCOVE is a convertible booth that creates work-life balance for parents working from home. By providing isolated place to work, it challenges the remote working distractions, difficulty to focus, unwanted background noise, and space limitation. It can be expanded for the working hours of the day and compressed and stored after hours to create disconnection between the work life and the personal world. It has a dynamic storing mechanism so the working supplies are where they were left the day before. It is a compact object that does not require a lot of space and can be expanded to satisfy different working needs without moving to a new house or apartment with designated working space. ALCOVE provides various working positions as it is crucial to vary the postures throughout the day where sitting, standing, or leaning in the same positions can lead to physical and mental issues. Adults working from home, and home schooling students can work simultaneously in different cabins. It is equipped with wifi connection, USB charging station and electric power. ALCOVE creates a sustainable environment that promotes the health and well-being of the user by access to natural light, air ventilation system, and the use of sound absorbing materials. Working parents can now establish space and time boundaries with their kids while staying productive and successful in their careers.

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Liale NijemLiale Nijem

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