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Pilar Córdova González
Sara Bermúdez Franco 
Diego Rodrigo Bordetas
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Design Description

During these times of health crisis, we believe that emotions may be even more contagious than the virus itself and this is why, with our proposal, we intend to arouse positive emotions in people so that they experience and share them until they largely overcome the negative ones.

Considering that our house could have been suddenly transformed into an office, a school, a gym or any kind of leisure space; many problems could arise if we do not adequately adapt to this new reality.

For this reason, we first define four objectives that contribute to general well-being:
- To break the monotony performing different activities.
- To clear the mind in order to avoid going round in circles.
- To increase productivity in the activities we carry out.
- To maintain social relationships.

Application for the creation of environments.
It consists of giving the users the opportunity to move among different environments in an imaginary way so as to disconnect, concentrate or relax. Muvent provides the users with the necessary tools to be able to create, simulate and control the atmosphere in their own dwellings, thus having the sensation of total immersion in the environment that they may most need at any time. For example, create an office environment to concentrate and increase productivity or simulate a beach getaway to relax.

As, in these tough times, it is even more important to feel close to your loved ones, the App allows you to send and share environments. This way with just a video call and the same atmosphere in each house, users will share moments and emotions feeling closer to each other.

Muvent encourages creativity and imagination offering the possibility of creating infinite environments to perform numerous activities and stay entertained.

How does it work?
By bringing certain stimuli to our sensory channels (sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste), we can control and modify our atmosphere. Muvent gives the users the necessary information and schemes to select and combine products from their own home to simulate the desired environment.    

These stimuli can be provided by everyday products such as televisions, speakers or flavourings. But also, through highly technological products such as virtual reality glasses or response gloves.

Example. Suppose you want to go to the beach, first you must register and inform Muvent about the products you have; then you choose the predefined environment "Caribbean beach", after which you start creating the environment with the five sensory channels. Starting with the sight, the App will offer you a series of videos that you can play, as well as the lights with which you can illuminate your room. Then comes the hearing, for which you can choose among a variety of audio sources. Afterwards you will move on to taste, for which it will show you recipes of Caribbean cocktails. After finishing doing the same with touch and smell, you are ready to send your perfect environment to your friends and share the experience through a video call.

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Pilar Córdova González
Sara Bermúdez Franco 
Diego Rodrigo Bordetas
Jaime San José SenaoPilar Córdova González
Sara Bermúdez Franco 
Diego Rodrigo Bordetas
Jaime San José Senao

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