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Ani Lomas

New Zealand

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Design Description

There is no doubt that we are experiencing unprecedented times. Billions around the world have had to adapt to the changing climate around us. Drawing from my own experience navigating the pandemic, I have designed a simple tool that will help people when leaving their home to make regular trips to the supermarket.

How can we make grocery shopping more safe, convenient and contactless?

Introducing, The Good Aisle - Your Personal Grocery Catalog.
The Good Aisle is a user-friendly app that can be operated from a smartphone or web desktop computer. Our goal is to provide safety to our users, making grocery shopping an experience, not a chore that could put your health at risk.

The aim of the platform is to save on travel time and minimize time spent in public. By planning the user’s journey and offering automated real time data, The Good Aisle turns a risky supermarket shop into a convenient experience. Drawing from Google Maps’ satellite technology, and supermarket POS data systems, users can locate supermarkets nearby with directions to that store, as well as seeing in real time the individual item stock, allowing a customer to know if a product is available before they reach the aisle. We have conducted enough research to know, that the words “out of stock” can lose not only a sale, but also a loyal customer. This technology allows the customer to see available items in real time, specifically products in high demand that have been regularly out of stock during the coronavirus pandemic.

Designing in a New Zealand context, the app pulls data from the SAP management systems used by Foodstuffs Auckland and Countdown supermarkets, and works with smaller grocers’ (deli markets, dairies, fruit and vegetable stores) CRM systems drawing inventory data. It creates an easy to use platform for people of all backgrounds who will use the tool to plan ahead, and enjoy a satisfying shopping experience. Using Google Map technology, we will offer users the ability to search nearby or preferred stores, as well as the ability to locate a specific item using AR technology solutions, directing the customer to the correct aisle.

The app will boast an array of other useful features making the user experience convenient and pleasant, such as creating shopping lists with the ability to plan by aisle, and hold items in a “virtual shopping cart”. There will also be a page dedicated to discounted or expired items, enabling users to repurpose old food or shop for a bargain. This will help to dramatically reduce waste issues caused by our supermarket giants, while also developing strong customer relationships.

While the competition in the supermarket industry is strong, The Good Aisle’s social entreprise model means that supermarket retailers will be compelled to join, making their inventory data publicly accessible. Our main focus is to provide transparency to customers, resulting in loyal and frequent shoppers. This precise science of real time inventory availability will be key to delivering a better customer experience.


Ani Lomas

Ani LomasAni Lomas

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