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A global pandemic is affecting millions of people socially, financially and mentally. In this current situation it is easy to point finger and blame others for their incompetence.  We question their contribution and take advantage to other's generosity. What is happening today is a war against something we cannot see and a race of time in order to save many. But in what way can we do our part? In what way can we be ready for situation like this? What can be done?

Architectural design becomes a gift in times like this since it serves as tool in order to create infrastructures that are beneficial to the community. Ka-i-sa a filipino term which means "unity" ignites the idea that an individual plays a key role in fighting this pandemic and unity is what we needed the most.

Project Kaisa is a modular sustainable architecture whose design is inspired by the conceptual structure of herd immunity. By its concept, Project Kaisa will be a prefabricated self-sustaining hexagonal shaped steel and timber design module with integrated passive cooling and solar and rainwater harvesting. The form and design of a single module is envisioned as a modern "bahay kubo". This project can be a solution to the question of preparedness of each community in times like this and address the needs of the community despite strict measures and protocols.  

Project Kaisa is functioned to be a remedy for the community in this dark time and will serve these possible functions:
1. Quarantine Medical Facility. It gives a community a mini-quarantine hospital to safely segregate virus infected and non-virus contained patient. Having a separate facility for virus infected patient significantly decreases the possibility of contamination in a community general hospital.
2. Calamity Evacuation. Amidst the pandemic that is still plaguing the world, people in the pacific is also experiencing typhoons and earthquakes. This possible function gives a community a safe space for the victims of disaster.
3. Pandemic Recreation Facility. It gives a community a virus free place where people can interact with their neighbors without the worry of contacting any virus.

The idea of this project is to have a module that gives a sense of flexibility where one can make multiple configurations and be placed anywhere and anytime at different scales. Though it is modular, the configuration always starts with a disinfection area to protect those that goes in and out of the edifice. The 3 above mentioned configurations for Project Kaisa are valuable to the world that is suffering now, when this is all over, the possibility for Project Kaisa to function in a community is limitless.

In today’s situation where medical facilities are lacking, schools and arenas are being converted as substitutes, and people are forced to be locked inside their homes, Project Kaisa will be dedicated to address communities’ risk reduction and be able to adjust and adapt in the society we now call the “new normal”.

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Jadz M. LiteralJadz M. Literal

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