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Geonhee Park


New Zealand

Design Description

When seeing people react against the Coronavirus-19, they seem to be very confident and naive that Codvid-19 will not affect them, “It’s just a severe cold.” While many people are still currently dying and more and more people getting infected will worsen each and individual and world economy. With such a naive mindset which people tend to have, there was a need to break through their understanding and make them realize that it is more than just intense cold.

Humans in our society mainly drive towards such called money. We live and work with money as it is an essential part of our livings. It’s been reported that a woman in the USA got the billing for her Covid-19 treatment for $34,927.43. A shocking price for a single procedure. Vividly announcing the price for the treatment like this on a poster, will grasp people’s attention and gain a sense of care and flaws in their logic. Yes, many other posters represent clean and hygiene. But, they may not think again with that poster and go back to their normal lifestyle. However, once viewing the price billing for Covid-19 treatment, people will unconsciously re-think of their hygiene and such to be more careful. This is because money affects our morals as we become anxious about dept and livings.

The poster strongly expresses the Covid-19 in the middle with the world and the people around it. Not only this, but the oval-shaped formed around it to seem like it’s a crying world of a pandemic. The colours red and yellow express its urgency and to grasp the viewer’s attention to the middle of the eye and towards the bottom text. A secure but straightforward language that expresses the need for social distancing and hygiene.

Hence, such a design was thoughtfully incorporated into a poster to change people’s behavior and mindset towards the current Covid-19 as it is much more dangerous to them and the people around them.    

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Geonhee ParkGeonhee Park

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