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Design Description

The COVID-19 pandemic and the shortage of masks urged regular people all over the world to utilize their creativity in search of a DIY solution to meet their needs. What emerged was an array of personalised mask styles put together with household items. The DIYM Sunday Carpenter Mask is inspired by this simplicity and practicability, and combines the elements of easy-to-find resources and personalization in a ready-to-use pack that can be used by even the most novel maker.

The DIYM Sunday Carpenter Mask is a mask for crisis moments where protective gear is in shortage. The concept provides an item as protective as a surgical mask, and is influenced by four main aspects:

Accessibility: affordable for most people
Simplicity: easy to put together
Individualization: engages the user in the design process
Sustainability: all parts can be reused

All parts can be reused, following the advised safety instructions. This does require having access to water, soap or a similar substance.

The kit comes with a set of simple instructions for the user to follow, in order to assemble and re-use it. The kit includes 2 acrylic holds for the mouth cover, two bands for the ears, one secured wire strip and a set of printed instructions. T-shirt fabric should be used for the mouth cover. The user can choose a t-shirt of their choice for this, personalising it as much as they want.

After every use, remove the mask and disassemble it. Do not throw any of the parts away.

We believe the DIYM Sunday Carpenter Mask is both a viable solution to future mask shortages and a solution to boredom. Being creative is the opposite of being bored, and the kit gives people a few easy resources and the space to imagine, design and create a simple, safe and sustainable item for themselves and their loved ones.

Materials used are:

T- shirt fabric for mouth cover: according to a study conducted by Cambridge University, double-layered t-shirt fabric was found to be as protective as a surgical mask against PM2.5 particles and viruses like COVID-19. It has the same filtration level as a surgical mask, has a good fit factor that seals it to the face, and an adequate breathing factor. It's an accessible fabric that most households have. This also allows the user to customise their mask, using their favourite pattern and design.
The holds are made out of acrylic, which is an easy to clean material, and doesn't wear when washed. Acrylic is also easily produced. They are transparent so they don't affect the identity of the mask.
For the bands, instead of creating new production methods, hair ties are re-purposed because they are strong, comfortable and flexible.
The recyclable cardboard features the instructions and to hold the package together without bending.
The secured wire strip is a 9cm-long, 1mm thick aluminium wire sealed in 0.2mm transparent PET. The bendable strip is used to increase the fitting factor of the mask, allowing it to mould to the users face.

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