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Subject Studio creates a Subtle and Timely Solution for the Gas of the Future

Congratulations to Michael Sklenka and Mollie Decker of Subject Studio for winning the Gas Station of the Future Design Competition.

December 2019

Subject Studio gas station of the future

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Subject Studio is the design partnership between Michael Sklenka and Mollie Decker - two young architects living and working in Detroit. The duo share a desire to apply their backgrounds in art and architecture to propose simple design solutions that negotiate between human needs, aesthetic beauty, and a sustainable environment. @subject_studio

What inspired you to enter the gas station of the future competition?

Living in Detroit, we are constantly reminded of the dramatic influence that the vehicle has had on our landscape over the last Century; and the seismic shift that the entire industry is currently undergoing. Given the swift adoption of electric and autonomous vehicles, the modern gas station becomes an obvious artifact. This becomes especially apparent when juxtaposed with the countless abandoned service stations throughout the Rust Belt. With our proposal, we hope to be a drop in an ocean of ideas to prevent a tide of building ephemera catered to the electric vehicle industry in the name of progress without considering the sensitive adaptation of the building stock that already exists.

How does your design respond to the coming revolutions in transportation?

The widespread electrification of mobility is becoming inevitable as our means of energy production is undergoing a seismic shift. Our human-powered fitness charging station proposes one piece of a puzzle that will have to be assembled sooner or later to address the charging requirements of a vast network of electric vehicles in a sustainable way. The solution also addresses the issue of seamlessly integrating the 40-minute charging process into the daily lives of people who don’t have access to a personal charging station, or can’t afford the increasing costs of electricity. By integrating the idea of the charging station and fitness center, a new typology emerges that is a net benefit to both the modern life of the average person and the environment they inhabit.

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