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5 of our Favorite Architecture Instagram Feeds

Instagram is one of the best places to get your architecture fix, here are 5 of our favorites.

If you haven’t noticed already Instagram is one of the best places to get your architecture fix. Here are 5 of our favorite Instagram accounts. They are good for all kinds of reasons but overall, we choose some that provide a unique insight into architecture both in design, professional life, personal life, and the personality of architects.

1. Norman Foster

Norman Foster gets our number one place simply because of the genuine and in depth look he provides into the life of one of the most famous architects in the world. He doesn't pander to the gratuitous nature of photographing his own buildings, nor does he simply fill his feed with mundane details; his posts are intriguing and constantly have you wishing you could just tag along.

Favorite Moments: Seeing Norman's quiet reflections when he is sketching at his place in Massachusetts.

2. Field Condition

Field Condition earns the number two spot by providing a unique and in depth look into the construction of dozens of skyscrapers and buildings in New York City. They manage to photograph angles that are umatched in any other construction focused feed. Sure, it is just New York City but we are always surprised by how many great buildings going up in the Big Apple

Favorite Moments: Seeing the progress of The Eleventh, BIG's new twisting tower.

3. Andrew Von Maur

Spot number three goes to GoArchitect cofounder Josh Sanabria's former professor, Andrew Von Maur. His feed spans the breadth of great architecture and design. From a single doorknob to the urban beauty of Ancient Rome, his posts are subtle and let the architecture speak for itself.

Favorite Moments: Seeing how his soulful sketches capture the emotion of a place, not just the aesthetics.

4. City Live Sketch

City Live Sketch and founder, Pietro Cataudella, get the fourth spot because of the intense creativity he applies to the architecture and the world it inhabits. He isn't afraid to see the lighter side of design and poke fun at the personality behind some of the world's most famous buildings.

Favorite Moments: When he adds a little spice and humor to a sometimes grey world.

[Equilibrium] Ricordate Jenga, il famoso gioco dei mattoncini di legno impilati per formare una torre? Oggi, nonostante la pioggia, ho provato a non far cascare una delle tante torri di Pisa! 😄 Ci sarò riuscito? 😂 . . . . #arts_help #artstagram #artwork #artistoninstagram #artfido #artlovers #art_empire #artofinstagram #artistsoninstagram #artists_magazine #artistic_Share #artzworld #featuring_art #artistic_dome #artspotted #artemperor #artisticdreamerss #artistic_support #arts_secret #art_4share #art_we_inspire #justartshelp #artsunited #artists_rescue #artistic_unity_ #artistic_unity_ #ArtistSecrets #iartpost #artistuniversity #artspipl

A post shared by CityLiveSketch (@citylivesketch) on Apr 27, 2017 at 11:53am PDT

5. Bob Borson

Coming in at number five is Bob Borson. His feed provides a unique peek into the creative process of an architect and the sometimes messy process behind shaping a building's form and function. He also adds a sense of humor that is often missing from professional life.

Favorite Moments: Seeing that sketches don't always have to be perfect or pretty to convey a design or concept.

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